My little emoji

“One picture is worth ten thousand words” – Chinese Proverb.

Written by Annonyblogger,  April 2017

It’s nice to see that diversity has been added to the emoji suite with different gender, skin tone and scenarios available.

With approximately 1,851 emojis to choose from (if you include each variation with more scheduled to be released in June 2017) you’d be hard pressed to find one of the little cartoons to express what you are trying to say.

I’ve got to say, I am a fan of the humble emoji. Although a stickler for grammar, even in text messages, very rarely do I send a message without at least one emoji.

They are so convenient especially when I am at a loss for words or couldn’t be bothered using three words to describe something when a cute little cartoon picture sums it all up perfectly.

Here is some statistical evidence as to why we are all so fond of the emoji.

Next time you are stuck for words or just want to add a little colour to that text message think emoji there are around 1851 to choose from.

Feature image “90 Degree Emoji” screenshot by Annaleis Bijdeveldt, 5 April 2017


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